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 This is Ocean Atmosphere Environment Laboratory Official Web
Site. We belong to Hiroshima University Graduate School of En-
gineering Division of Global Environment Engineering.
 Environmental problems occurring in the ocean and its overlyi-
ng atmosphere are major research targets of this laboratory. The
research fields of the laboratory spread over not only the coastal
seas but also the open ocean. The observation of ocean environ-
ments by means of acoustic techniques such as ADCP and acou-
stic tomography is extensively proceeded to elucidate three dim-
ensional structures and their temporal variability of ocean curren-
ts. The ocean model is developed to simulate strongly nonlinear
ocean currents like the Kuroshio, and tidal jets and vortices. The
prediction of ocean environment changes is also aimed by assi-
milating the acoustic measurement data into the ocean model.
Laboratory     in Hiroshima Univ.


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