Masazumi Arai
Masazumi Arai
Born Place
Research Associate
Department Ž¥ Course
Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University
Exercise of Mechanics¡¢ Computer Programming
Research Fields
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Physical oceanography
Research Fields
[1] Development of a coastal ocean model
¡¡A coastal ocean model based on the semi-spectral method is developed using the base function of the vertical mode. When compared with the finite-difference model such as POM, this model is free from errors of finite-difference scheme in the vertical direction. So it is expected that this method will achieve hight accuracy in calculations of baroclinic structure.

[2] Study of the mechanism for Kyucho
¡¡From the viewpoint of the instability of Kuroshio front, the mechanism for the generation of Kyucho is studied using the model developed above.

[3] Study of the mechanism for the path-variation of Kuroshio
¡¡The mechanism for the path-variation of Kuroshio between the straight state and the large meander state is studied based on the idea of the chaos in a nonlinear system.
Professional Affiliations
The Oceanographic Society of Japan, American Geophysical Union, Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics

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